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AVERTING electric quakes/volcanic winters/MAGNETIC POLE REVERSAL caused by DIVERTABLE space electricity, to AVERT Fukushimas explosions & humankind extinction, is a  PLANETARY  EMERGENCY!!!   PLEASE  SHARE  & IMPROVE  the SOLUTION of proper crater shields, that DIVERT celestial cosmic rays, as shields around spacecrafts and satellites already do! SEND us relative links/translations in any language! KEEP OPTIMIST with the ANTI-FATALIST CENTENARIAN mutual-aid-clarity! NEW VIDEO!!! PDF!

 FORECAST IMPLEMENTATION for ELECTRIC rain/hail/snow storms and/or quakes and/or volcanic eruptions, in the end. 

We are all CANDIDATE HOMELESS by the rising but PREDICTABLE and AVERTABLE quakes and volcanic winters. PDF! NEW VIDEO!  INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT for the AVERTING plan: Geocataclysm Proceedings (p. 86). VIDEO2-english. VIDEO2-francais.

BBC: REAL risk of a new [volcanic-AVERTABLE] Little ice-age!

BBC: We are entering a new [volcanic-AVERTABLE] ice-age!...


Electrical currents born from thunderstorms are able to flow through the atmosphere and around the globe, causing a detectable electrification of the air even in places with no thunderstorm activity. Ions, which allow current to move through the air, are added to the upper atmosphere by a continuous bombardment of galactic cosmic rays

Increasing volcanic[=clouding-cooling] activity when decreased solar radiation

Royal Society meeting

The Galaxy-sunspots-climate connection finally revealed!

The huge electric galactic center-magnetar sends electricity to all the Milky-way [Eatough R. P. et al]. In our solar system, mostly Jupiter and secondly the other planets periodically divert a part of this electricity (that stimulates them) from its course to the Sun, causing him a solar minimum and to the Earth more atmospheric and magma stimulation: more thunderbolts [Gurevich A.] (even from CLEAR sky, without clouds), storms, quakes [Simpson J., Jain R.] and volcanic eruptions-clouding-glacials [Ebisuzaki et al], all AVERTABLE with proper MESHES [] over active craters and the equator, where from most electricity hits our planet.

The reason why the sunspot cycle is averagely 11 years is because the charge-discharge of Jupiter lasts as long as it takes him to evolve around the Sun [Efthimiu] and it depends on the other planets' positions [Wilson I. R. G.].

Increasing volcanic[=clouding-cooling] activity when decreased solar radiation

Royal Society meeting 
Τop world seismologist who ALERTED in time 88 INDIFFERENT governments about the mega-quake in Japan last year, now supports our position that Earth climate is regulated by DIVERTIBLE galactic electricity (as clouds are formed by galactic electricity that stimulates water vapor-magma-volcanic dust): Sun’s bizarre activity may trigger another ice age, says Irish solar scientist. 
Solar activity has been falling steadily since mid-1940s, a change that in the past triggered a 300-year-long mini ice age.
NEW CONFIRMATION of our averting group's celestial-volcanic climate explanation, by German and Swiss scientists: here.

"Νow, thanks to the involvement of scientists from other fields of science including biology and astrophysics in preparations for the report, it has become apparent that the currently observed events are of galactic scale and are directly related to THE POSITION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM IN OUR GALAXY, the Milky Way. It is this position that has a major impact on the formation of geological megacycles during which planet-scale biodiversity change is observed": Top climatologist dr Corbyn warns about the [AVERTABLE] solar electricity power.

A review of historical records was performed for 350 years of global volcanic activity (1650-2009) and seismic (earthquake) activity for the past 300 years (1700 to 2009) within the continental United States and then compared to the Sun’s record of sunspots as a measure of solar activity.

According to this study, there exists a strong correlation between solar activity and the Earth’s largest seismic and volcanic events.

Space electricity and other disasters connection?   A new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth,finds that inner Tibet Plateau glaciers have been gaining “remarkable” quantities of ice over the past decade.

A good start to AVERT more Fukushimas explosions is to call volunteers in your region, for animal behaviour/RADON measurements, that show how stimulated the fault is.

As AVERTABLE electric storms and VOLCANIC CLOUDING-COOLING RISES, the alternation of HEAVY rains (with less or no moderate rains:) and drought is a characteristic of an AVERTABLE COOLING era, where we also need ALL EARTH AFFORESTATED!

Electric!!! "the earth’s overall negative electric surface charge seems to be best explained by the formation of EZ water in the oceans by the incidence of infra red radiation, both solar during the day, and from the residual IR and atmospheric electric currents during the might time."

U.S. senator sounds alarm about 'precarious' Fukushima situation, warns of imminent release of radiation:

Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, spoke at the public hearing of the Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on March 22, 2012 on the Fukushima nuclear power plants accident. Before the Committee, Ambassador Murata strongly stated that, if the crippled building of reactor unit 4―with 1,535 fuel rods in the spent-fuel pool 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground―collapses, not only will it cause a shutdown of all six reactors but it will also affect the common spent-fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4. In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air.
This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced. He stressed that the responsibility of Japan to the rest of the world is immeasurable. Such a catastrophe would affect us all for centuries.

Nuclear proliferation halted after 1983, when some altruists (and 2 films: 'the day after', 'the testament'; now Kurosawa's 'Dreams' Mt Fuji nuclear explosion scene added) showed that even a few atomic bombs would cause a devastating nuclear winter, like a volcanic winter: the SAME arguments and films must me used NOW to show everywhere the results of present and future world contamination by Fukushima leaks AND eventual explosion by an AVERTABLE quake.

In addition:

A 2011 Oak Ridge National Laboratory report warned of a 33 percent likelihood that a solar flare could lead to ‘long-term power loss’ over a nuclear reactor’s life. With 440 nuclear power plants in 30 countries, and 250 research reactors, there are nearly 700 potential Fukushimas waiting to be unleashed.” That's why ALL humans must learn and cooperate SOON, to AVERT solar flares that cause all big quakes, and may blow many more Fukushimas!

1. “The observed electric fields in thunderclouds are generally too weak to initiate the atmosphere’s electrical breakdown. But cosmic rays can play a surprising role in the drama of lightning”: A. V. Gurevich and K. P. Zybin, Runaway Breakdown and the Mysteries of Lightning.

2. [DIVERTABLE*] Solar flares trigger earthquakes, when magma is already stimulated by galaxy, see next paragraph.

Jain, R., Physical Research Laboratory.

EACH of the 682 >4.0 earthquakes under study was preceded by a solar flare of B to X class by 10-100 hrs.

3. Explosive volcanic eruptions triggered by [rising now but DIVERTABLE*] cosmic rays

Toshikazu Ebisuzaki, Hiroko Miyahara, Ryuho Kataoka, Tatsuhiko Sato, Yasuhiro Ishimine

Cities full of lightning-rods, become VERY SELDOM quake-epicentres, when solar flares are more powerful than their lightning-rods can stand.

In addition:
Britain National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies -2012 edition
Volcanic hazards Risk
3.25 ...There are a range of volcanoes across Europe (such as SANTORINI in the Aegean Sea) which could have consequences for the UK...
3.27 ...Significant eruptions of this type can emit gases and particles into the stratosphere, above weather systems, where they may also have subsequent CLIMATIC effects. [=VOLCANIC WINTER]

 "If you had a big [volcanic] eruption of this sort [globally devastating], let's say in the middle of Europe today, the effects would be enormous and a few months might not be enough to get your act together."
- Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by volcanism and sustained by sea-ice/ocean feedbacks  Gifford H. Miller et al, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 39, L02708, 2012
- Lockwood et al, The persistence of solar activity indicators and the descent of the Sun into Maunder Minimum conditions [=Little ice-age]
-Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by volcanism
Frozen moss suggests climate cooling kicked off fast, possibly with help from volcanoes
 The Little Ice Age, a centuries-long spell of cold summers in Europe and elsewhere, began suddenly late in the 13th century, a new study finds. A string of volcanic explosions may have set off this change in climate by belching particles that reflected sunlight and allowed Arctic sea ice to reach epic proportions, researchers report online January 31 in Geophysical Research Letters. Polar ice samples have revealed just such a series of eruptions, says Robock: an especially big explosion somewhere in the world in 1258, and three smaller ones in 1268, 1275 and 1284. -

- Sunday Times: Europe May be Facing Return Of 'Little Ice Age': "State Meteorological (Met) Office publishes in Nature its prediction that Europe could be facing a return of the “little ice age” that gripped Britain 300 years ago, causing decades of bitter winters”.

Natural disasters rise because we have entered a RISING magma stimulation and volcanic CLOUDING-COOLING period, when rising heavily charged clouds cause more downpours/floods etc, and decreasing less low-stimulation clouds don't produce many light rains (that leave much water in the water horizons), thus more droughts in-between: basic meteorology, hushed up by egomaniac self/destructive obscurantists, who are also MANIAC deforestators, like hating each-other Kain and Abel, who started the first wars, rivals for further deforestation (after a series of volcanic winters), instead of BENEFICIAL AFFORESTATION of all deserts and VULNERABLE deforestated plains:

To be sure that cities full of lightning-rods are NOT quake-epicenters, just zoom here:

Of course, that does not mean that we must keep humankind in cement babylons, instead of DECENTRALIZATION-AFFORESTATIONS-AUTARKY mutual-aid, the traditions that produce altruist CENTENARIANS!

EXCELLENT-ΗΛΕΚΤΡΙΚΟΣ ΚΑΙΡΟΣ-Electric Earth, Electric Weather  Ηφαιστειακές πληγές-VOLCANIC WINTER plagues:

Spreading soot over rising glaciers melts them: How soot killed the Little Ice Age : Nature News

And a big shield over Earth will save us from deadly cosmic rays either during a magnetic pole reversal or by a sudden wave from the new intergalactic cloud we are entering:

1.The IBEX Ribbon: Are we in for a new era in the Sun's voyage through the Galaxy?

2. A signature of cosmic-ray increase in ad 774–775
Byron on volcanic winter 1809-20:
I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy Earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came and went—and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this their desolation; and all hearts
Were chilled into a selfish prayer for light


EXAMPLE of FORECAST IMPLEMENTATION for ELECTRIC rain/hail/snow storms and/or quakes and/or volcanic eruptions, soon after high space electricity hit Earth, 2013 Oct. 9 (although the other important sources like the galactic center or supernovae electric eruptions are NOT MONITORED...), PUBLISHED the same day in some sites like

M 6.3 R - 87km NNE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand

M 6.1 - 33km N of Gueiria, Venezuela

M 6.4 Crete. M 7.2 Philippines            


Heavy snowfall hits S. Germany

Britain braces for ferocious “Arctic plunge”

Russia – Blizzard Paralyzes Traffic on Novosibirsk Highway

Cyclone Phailin approaches India's east coast, hundreds of thousands flee...


5,9R Kurilsk AND 

Our new CONFIRMED forecast for AVERTABLE* strong electric storms/quakes/volcanic eruptions/conflicts the days following solar (or other DIVERTIBLE celestial) electricity, NOT well monitored yet):

Only Altruism can rescue humankind! S.AF.E = Shield & Afforest Earth!

1. Aristotle -

2. I. Metchnikoff: The prolongation of life; optimistic studies


4. Raymond C. Kelly: Warless Societies and the Origin of War -

5. P. Eck - L. Wilson,

6.  Sleep quality of centenarians: cognitive and survival implications. -

7. Centenarians Can’t Be Wrong: Healthy Sleep is the Key to Longevity -