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AVERT electric quakes that may blow many Fukushimas and extinct humankind!

Posted by Reconciliation on June 8, 2012 at 10:45 PM

Homepage: http://avert-quakes-volcanic-eruptions.webs.com + pdf. VIDEO-english. VIDEO-francais.

Τhe top world seismologist who ALERTED in time*** 88 CRIMINALLY INDIFFERENT governments about the mega-quake in Japan last year, now supports* our position that Earth climate is regulated by [DIVERTIBLE] galactic electricity.

*"Νow,thanks to the involvement of scientists from other fields of science including biology and astrophysics in preparations for the report, it has become apparent that the currently observed events are ofgalactic scale and are directly related to THE POSITION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM IN OUR GALAXY,the Milky Way. It is this position that has a major impact on the formation of geological megacycles during which planet-scale biodiversity change is observed". http://arknow.net/site/202/f/2737#.T9sNMJjF-So.

Chinese satellite to forecast earthquakes*, but still they don't like AVERTING** them (and SAVING INSUBORDINATE people), as 1976-Tangshan,2008-Sichuan, 2009-Aquila, 2010-Haiti and 2011-Japan, and ALL hushed-up precursors for stronger than 5 R quakes show... INFORMED LOCAL COMMUNITIES CAN built CHEAP lightning-rod nets, as mandarins now FEAR for their own lives both by natural disasters AND INSUBORDINATE people!

*"The French satellite DEMETER (Detection of Electro-Magnetic EmissionsTransmitted from Earthquake Regions) has very often observed atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances during seismic events.

Two days before Japan's earthquake last month [3-2011], Chinese researchers detected abnormal electromagnetic signals in the area using ground-based systems, Shen told SciDev.Net". http://www.scidev.net/en/news/chinese-satellite-seeks-to-predict-earthquakes.html.

The 1999 5,9R Attica-Greece deadly quake did not had as epicentre any of the faults beneath urban areas full of lightning rods (that provenly divert the celestial electricity causing storms-quakes-volcanic clouding), but a region in the countryside with no such devices.

The same happens in any place where there are insufficient lightning rods:


RISING quakes are an indicator of magma stimulation and ΑVERTABLE COOLING VOLCANIC CLOUDING cause all abrupt climatic change, as now, depending on sun-planet positions that control galactic electricity flow on Earth and volcano stimulation: As Pluto now is between Milky-way center and the Sun, it diverts galactic electricity to the planets, so Earth magma is stimulated (more lightnings too, on NH summer, when Earth is closer to the Milky-way center), as the Sun loses strength, and we see less sunspots since 2002 maximum. But as Earth is already stimulated, just one solar flare causes stronger quakes than when Sun is stronger but Earth less stimulated.

So to forecast climate, as Archimedes started with his climatic computer called 'Antikythera mechanism', we must know

1) ALL planet positions (including Kuiperbelt bigger objects – even better if we ever can see all other electricity controlling distant objects),

2) the degree of Earth magma stimulation around faults and active volcanoes, and

3) the galactic electricity flow strength both by Milky-way center AND by other nearby stars. 

 A good start to AVERT more Fukushimas explosions is to call volunteers in your region, for RADON measurements (that show how stimulated the fault is) and for calculation of how many metal SHIELDS (to DIVERT celestial electricity that stimulates magma, as happens with similarly shielded spacecrafts/satellites and as hundreds lightning-rods ALREADY do in cities!) are sufficient across your nearest fault- if in sea, they will be held on buoys (see homepage).

** See the FREE book of prof. M. Ikeya: http://motoji-ikeya.jpn.cx/quakesandpets/index.html). They are always hushed-up by mandarins, just to keep people fatalist. The more people learn about it, the wider mutual-aid becomes: just share these videos, where M(B) is written in the 5th paragraph: http://motoji-ikeya.jpn.cx. " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://motoji-ikeya.jpn.cx/quakesandpets/index.html. And  share the videos, where M(B) is written in the 5th paragraph: http://motoji-ikeya.jpn.cx.



1975: After natural precursors alerted, SUCCESSFUL evacuation of Haicheng-China, devastated by a very strong quake (http://www.drgeorgepc.com/EarthquakePredictionChina.html).

1976: Due to internal conflicts, NO evacuation after similar natural precursors, of Tangshan-China (700.000 dead-except evacuated Qinglong, due to the brave mayor) and in 2008 of Sichuan-China again (80.000 dead, of insubordinate ethnicity - http://www.thechinabeat.org/?p=122)...

The same happened in Italy 2009 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1469-7998.2010.00700,) and in 2012 (http://dsg.uniroma1.it/Sorrentino/Download/Emilia2012_DecaniniLiberatoreLiberatoreSorrentino_v1.pdf).

***Japan, 2011 prof. E. Khalilov: http://geochangemag.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=79%3Aforecast-provided-by-gnfe-for-strong-japan-earthquake-m89-of-11032011-has-been-confirmed&catid=2%3Acommunity-news&Itemid=10.

Christchurch 2010-11 and Japan-Tohoku 2011 earthquakes and tsunami caused by AVERTABLE solar flares: http://globalrumblings.blogspot.gr/2011/03/japan-earthquake-and-tsunami-caused-by.html.

 Italian toads predicted L'Aquila earthquake: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/03/31/quake_detecting_toads

The 3 hushed-up quake forecasting methods

1. Observing mass animal/low atmosphere stimulation, as presented in professor's M. Ikeya FREE books (http://motoji-ikeya.jpn.cx/quakesandpets/index.html) and applied at the 1975 Haicheng-China successful quake forecast and 1 million people evacuation – next year another successful forecast was not followed by Tangshan evacuation, due to internal conflicts: 700.000 victims... -except evacuated Qinglong, due to the brave mayor.

Precursor phenomena that occur several hours or days before the earthquakes:

Yellow or red sky or moon, clouds or haze, lights in the atmosphere, which, due to confusion with planes, are called "UFO".

Animals leaving the area of the epicenter, restless, and even some that come suddenly from hibernation. In Aquila in 2009, frogs left five days before the earthquake, but the unconcerned state censored successful prediction... Six of the irresponsible officials are in jail.

Plants that bloom out of season or close their leaves or wilt.

Electrical appliances malfunction, blink or make strange noises.

Electromagnetic currents on earth, muffled noise, water level elevation.

Changes in temperature of springs/wells.

2. Ionospheric stimulation measured by satellites: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2007AGUSMIN33A..03J

3. Faults/craters measured stimulation, proposed in the international congress Geocataclysm, in addition to AVERTING stimulation, by diverting the galactic electricity which is proven that stimulates Earth. http://avert-quakes-volcanic-eruptions.webs.com


 Homepage: http://avert-quakes-volcanic-eruptions.webs.com.